The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (I & M) and Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) are preparing the implementation of the renewed Omgevingswet. It does not only aim to provide a new legal framework, but should encourage a more efficient and effective way of working as well.

Design Innovation Group (DIG) was asked to design a product that stimulates the way of working in such a way that it suits the new situation. Analysis of the expected effects of the new law, showed that in the range before the official permit application a lot of profit in terms of efficiency can be gained already. We focused on this part of the complete trajectory.


The solution is focused on transparency of the trajectory, clear division of responsibility and early categorization of the type of permit.


In charge: Marieke Rietbergen

Team: Boudewien van den Berg, Renate Hilhorst,

Johanneke Minnema, Yanti Slaats