Interpretation of a Generation is a series of 24 portraits, reflecting "Generation Y".

The series is a portrait of Generation Y, based on conversations about their relation to the context in which we now live. Each face is modified to fit the proportions of the Golden Section: a visual translation of prevailing ideas about the origins and consequences of current frames of reference, 'makeability' and feasibility of ideals.

Size total: 235 x 199 cm (24 portaits of 35 x 46 cm).     

Seperate portraits available: 35 x 46 or 72 x 90 cm.     

Further inquiries:

nr9b-I, 72 x 90 cm



nr14b-I en nr 21b-I, 72 x 90 cm



EXHIBITED (selected)

2013 Veerstichting, Leiden, 35e Symposium: In Staat van Angst

2013 Art Rotterdam, Galerie VIVID

2012 Galerie VIVID, Rotterdam, Written in the Sand

2012 KunstRAI - Amsterdam, Galerie VIVID 

2012 Galerie VIVID, Rotterdam, Good & Evil

2011 Sameheads Gallery, Berlin, Multiple Choice



PUBLISHED (selected)

2014 Ninety Minutes of Frame #4

2013 Holland Arts Magazine
2012 Grote Rotterdamse Kunst Kalender
2011 Bright Magazine (dec)  
2011 Volkskrant Magazine (nov) 
2011 Nature: Nature changes along us (book)