'A Palace of Role Play. If Miuccia Prada's invitation suggested a grand theatrical event, the setting confirmed it. The Prada show space had been reconfigured as a huge court, laid with a massive 20- by 35-meter carpet in red, white, and black. "A parody of male power," Miuccia declared backstage. The power was palpable. That giant carpeted red square (which in itself seemed like a conscious echo) felt like the flooring in a conference hall in one of the palaces where cabals of diplomats and military men once met to decide the world's fate at a turning point in history.' Tim Blanks - www.style.com


 PRADA M FW 2012


The design of the set for Prada fashion shows is an intuitive and organic process. It starts with a large number of concept proposals, which are guided by the development of the collection. It is the continuous interplay of the development of the collection and proposals for the set.

 PRADA W FW 2012


Virtual princesses, avatars of fashion's digital age. On the catwalk, the models looked a little like a replicated army, even more so in photos. It was a powerful image, which dovetailed neatly with the statement about power that Miuccia made with her men's collection in January. The show-opening black coatdresses, for instance, looked like hybrid morning coats, which harked back to the antique diplomat formality of the Prada men's show. But that also reflected Miuccia's conviction that the fashion of the future will take refuge in the past. What the show conveyed, said Miuccia, was "importance." She felt that was a more significant message for women than mere power'. Tim Blanks - www.style.com

Partner in charge: Rem Koolhaas

Associate in charge: Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli

Team: Boudewien van den Berg, Barbara Materia