In general my core focus is the use of (theoretical / design) research as a basis for design/creation. 


Before studying at Design Academy Eindhoven I was enrolled in a social science degree at the University of Utrecht - a background that informs my projects.


Working as a researcher and designer at Rem Koolhaas' multidisciplinary think tank AMO, part of OMA, offered the opportunity to perform a key role in assigned projects for Prada, Miu Miu, Galeries Lafayette Paris and the Venice Biennale in 2014.


Since May 2013 I have been working on self initiated projects, freelance assignments and project based collaborations. My artwork is represented by Galerie Vivid Rotterdam.


I have been lucky to work in a wide variety of domains and on different types of projects: ranging from elderly care to fashion, from spatial design to business strategies. 


  • creative

  • inherently curious about a wide range of topics

  • inquisitive about the the world and people

  • combining rationality, creativity and empathy

  • strong analytical capabilities

  • instinctual problem solver

  • conceptual and strategic thinking

  • strong communication skills

  • great organizational skills

  • flexible

  • organised

  • committed